Congratulations to our winners to meet Garth And Trisha. Samantha from Madison won our 'who introduced you' to Garth and Trisha contest and will attend the Friday, September 15th show. Here's Samantha's story.

Samantha Taylor I don't remember exactly how old I was when I first was introduced to Garth Brooks. However, I will never forget belting out Callin' Baton Rouge as I was convinced that I was his 'Samantha Dear' and that song was written to me. A girl can only dream, right? I would love for the chance to meet him in person and can't wait to see his show!

Heidi from Canton, South Dakota will take a friend to the Saturday Evening show and meet Garth and Trisha too.  Here's her #askmehowiknowstory;

Heidi Benson I have been a fan of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood since the very first time I heard them! My story is like many, as our family has endured heartache. My mom and I were so close and when we found out she had liver cancer, I felt like the world was ending. soon after my mom's diagnoses, my grandpa, mom's dad, was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and my grandma was severely depressed as she was slipping deeper into her Alzheimer's. we were so blessed to celebrate their 70th Anniversary where my amazing cousin, who is more of a sister to me, was able to tell them she was expecting a baby. She had previously been expecting a baby and she lost her baby along with one of her tubes. She lost her 2nd baby under the same experience. and a month later we were sitting around my mom's bed while she was passing away. My mom and I always loved music and so while we sat with her, I would play songs for her. The Dance was so fitting for our life. My mom loved my cousin/sister Sarah so very much and they had such a close bond. My mom was the aunt everybody loved! I have 3 kids and they have endured much loss as well. Every morning we play Prizefighter to start our day. After losing mom we finally had reason to celebrate as my cousin had success with their IVF and this little blessing was just who we needed. He came early and because of the emergency C-section, I had the honor of being with Sarah in the delivery and meeting Brooks and holding him Close to his momma. Sarah never left our side with Mom and has been so much comfort to my family. So we never take our Garth Brooks or Trisha Yearwood CD's out of our disc changer. Their music gets us through rough days and good days too. I could never pay Sarah back for all of the love and support and blessings she has brought my family. She and I did see Garth & Trisha in Omaha and they put on a show that you never want to end. If my story sounds familiar, it is because she shared her story earlier. She is Sarah Timmerman and meeting them would be so incredibly special because being able to thank them for giving us the songs that help inspire us would be such an honor. We know my mom is rocking her sweet babies she lost and watching over us! #askmehowiknow

Both winners were chosen with random drawing. Hope you enjoy the show! We're looking forward to Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood coming to Sioux Falls!

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