I would hate to read the mayor's mail. After all the junk mail and bills come the complaints. Here's one I wouldn't have seen coming.

Mayor Paul TenHaken got a very cute letter from a third-grader from Harvey Dunn Elementary School. It asks if the date for Halloween can be changed to the last Friday in October. His reasons?

"All of the kids can eat a lot of candy, and we can have more sleeping time.

We can stay up for like 5 hours longer, and we can play games.

So we can have more sleeeeeeep, and not have to get up early for school."

The mayor asked on Facebook how he should respond to the letter.


I would say this: "Yes."

Although the one bad thing about it is that's when the drunks are out, most of whom catch a ride from a Lyft or other sober driver. But some don't.

But next year Halloween is on a Saturday so he will for sure get his wish for one year.

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