A massive Coronavirus Infection has been found in the Iowa deer population. The first 2021 Shotgun Deer Season is December 4 – 8 and the state's Wildlife Officials are nervous.

A new study involving hundreds of white-tailed deer in Iowa confirms that they were infected with Coronavirus.

The study reveals that up to 80% of the deer that were tested came back positive for Coronavirus. Officials say it is showing up in virtually all parts of Iowa.

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Penn State and Iowa researchers say the research “strongly indicates” that the deer are getting the virus from humans. Although there is no evidence that humans are getting the Coronavirus from deer.

Tony Goldberg, a veterinarian at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who studies the evolution of infectious diseases as they jump between animals and people says, “If deer can transmit the virus to humans, it’s a game-changer. To have a wildlife species become a reservoir after transmission from humans is very rare and unlucky as if we needed more bad luck.”

The NYTimes report stated that “The study has not been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal yet, but its authors at Penn State University and wildlife officials in Iowa found the results so disturbing that they are alerting deer hunters and others who handle deer to take precautions to avoid transmission.”

The deer herd in Iowa has also been afflicted with Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD. Chronic Wasting Disease, much like Mad Cow Disease, causes neurological degradation in infected deer and is 100 % fatal.

CWD has been found in at least 10 Iowa counties and also neighboring states of Minnesota and Iowa.

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