I first met Maria Hassel during her summer internship with KIKN 100.5. Maria fit right in with her love of country music, non stop laughter, strong desire to scare people, and record everything on her phone.

Maria Hassel is one of those people who have that dream chaser gene deeply embedded in their DNA. Since her internship with KICKIN' Maria keeps making moves, and has released her debut self titled album, and made the move to Nashville.

As Maria continues to chase dreams, and release music I saw she recently made a video for a great song called Hanna Grace.

I saw Maria perform this song last time she was in Sioux Falls.

Here is the behind the song description from Maria's Facebook page:

My favorite human turns 6 today. I always wanted a little sister, and she's the closest thing I got. When I went home for Thanksgiving break, she attacked me with hugs at the door and told me she can read now. We went to her bedroom and she read me a Dr. Seuss book. She was wearing a purple tutu, cat ears, and a fur vest. I just looked at her and thought, "We must protect her at ALL costs from everything bad in the world."

On my flight back to Nashville, I started thinking about how old she is getting. I decided to write a letter to her about growing up. It quickly turned into a song.


Even though I recently had a birthday and Maria didn't write a song for me, I don't hold it against her she's a busy human hustling her dream.

I look forward to watching more of her dreams unfold, and listening to the new music she continues to create.

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