Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform a new song together and talk about their best pieces of wedding and marriage advice.

Hurd is releasing a new song "Chasing After You" featuring wife Morris. The two of them didn't write the song, but it's a song that's very famous within groups of songwriters around Nashville. The song wasn't originally written as a duet, but they changed it so they could do the song together. This is their first ever duet together, and it took them 5 years to get to this point.

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While they didn't write the new song, Morris and Hurd were talking about wedding and marriage advice when they shared some details about their vows. They wrote their vows for their wedding and actually wrote them together at a bar. She was writing them on her laptop, while Hurd was writing them out. Despite being together, they didn't hear each other's vows until the day of. Morris added that she tried to be sentimental, but did throw some jokes in there about his sports watching and her obsession with Real Housewives. The officiant at their wedding was one of their best friends, who was super nervous and accidentally said "thickness and in health." As for the advice they'd give, they shared when it came to the wedding couples should only be worried about the important stuff. They added not to worry about the food because no one will remember that, and to also remember to meet up with each other throughout the night instead of being so focused on saying 'hellos.' And for marriage advice, they both agreed that it's important to have a partner who never makes you choose between a career or the relationship. They added that it's also important to make time for each other, even if it's just over the phone.

Before they left, Morris and Hurd shared their latest TV binge, which was West Wing. They added that they've even started the TV show over and Morris bought Hurd a cameo from one of the cast members for a Christmas present.

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