After leaving the station today for the 20 minute commute to Brandon, I came upon an accident that had just happened on I-229 near the Rice Street overpass.

Joining a dozen other cars on the side of the road, and hearing many sirens approaching, my thoughts and prayers went to the drivers and passengers.  Who cares about keeping my schedule when lives are possibly in the balance.

I couldn't figure out why we couldn't at least get off the Rice Street exit until traffic started moving again, when a semi-truck and van across the overpass explained it all.

Looks like the northbound truck jack knifed, maybe in an attempt to steer way too quickly from southbound vehicles approaching from crossing over the median.

After leaving the interstate and pulling off the side of the road to collect my thoughts, my husband Rob called to tell me he was on the Southbound side and grabbed these pictures.

While our day was put on hold for awhile, these drivers and passengers have just begun their journey to recover from what happened today.

Here's our reminder that life is a gift and everyday we arrive back home safely to our kids is a day to be grateful.