If only every vacation ended like this one!

Whenever I go on vacation, I usually end up with a few pictures, maybe a t-shirt and a little less money in the bank.

A Florida man was in North Carolina visiting his sister and brother-in-law had the best vacation ever.  He was able to take home a check for $100,000.

According to a North Carolina Lottery press release, Mark Hoti stopped by a grocery store to buy some food for a family cookout.  On a hunch, he bought a scratch-off ticket called "$300,000,000 Supreme Riches."

Hoti said, “I hesitated to buy the $30 ticket. I was getting ready to walk away, but, I don’t know, for some reason I thought, ‘You know what, I’m up here, I’m on vacation, I’ll take it.’”

When he got back to his sister's house, he scratched the Supreme Riches and thought he only won $100.

His sister looked at the winning ticket and said he had more to scratch. The extra scratching revealed three more zeros and the $100,000 prize.

Hoti claimed his winnings on Monday and after federal and state taxes, he’ll take $70,759 back home to Florida. When asked what he plans to do with the cash, he’ll “probably use it on a lot of sensible things,” including paying off some bills.

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