A lottery player shared that she once dreamt of the winning numbers and won a prize of $50,000. Unlike her, Lunchbox has never dreamt of the winning numbers but he's willing to try anything to win the lottery. However, he believes that he's not lucky enough to win. He shared that he used to play Bingo but never won while the people he brought along always won.

Lunchbox doesn't think that his unluckiness is because he's mean to people, but rather, he thinks he's just being honest with them. He's unsure why he's been so unlucky and hopes that his luck will change someday. Lunchbox doesn't think that he's been lucky in any other aspects of his life. Although he doesn't consider his job as luck, Bobby Bones feels lucky to have met Lunchbox. Lunchbox also doesn't think that he's lucky with his health since he's unable to touch his shoulders.

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