During The Bobby Bones Show, some segments turn into other segments and it's always really funny to see how it plays out. We had listener Matt call into the show on Wednesday (May 23) to play against Bobby Bones in "Win Bobby's Money" where Bobby competes against a listener in trivia. Bones always wins, but if he happened to not, the listener actually conceded the money and wanted to win Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots meet and greet passes for when they came to his city.

Well, they played the game and naturally Bones won. But Bones felt bad that listener Matt wasn't going to be able to do a meet and greet so he agreed to let Matt play another game today (March 24). Matt got on the phone and had to chose between AmyLunchboxEddie, and Morgan2 for who to play for him to win these meet and greet passes in the game of "one hit wonders." He ultimately chose Eddie and Lunchbox was bitter and determined to beat Eddie.

As the game gets going Amy was eliminated and it was down to Lunchbox and Eddie. During one of the potentially most laughed about bits, Lunchbox was 100% sure he had the right answer to the song that would have made him win the game over Eddie. He freaked out, throwing his chair, headphones and paper slip and shouted the answer. Only for it to be revealed... he got the band name wrong.

As it turns out, Eddie won the game for listener Matt and now Matt will be meeting Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots in St. Louis, Missouri.

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