Abby is opening at Bobby Bones’ Comedically Inspirational shows this weekend in Wichita, Kansas and Lunchbox thinks she is lazy for not knowing how to play the guitar.

According to him, Bones has given her numerous opportunities to perform on stage in the past two years, but she has never attempted to learn the guitar. He believes that guitar playing is an essential skill for her music career and that it is a waste of money to hire other guitar players to perform with her.

Abby claims to have tried to learn the guitar using an app and YouTube videos, but she finds it difficult to learn the notes. Bones does not believe she is idle, but he agrees with Lunchbox's suggestion that Abby should learn to play the guitar. Although the other members of the Bobby Bones Show acknowledge the difficulty in learning to play the guitar, they think that Abby could learn the basics if she had the drive to do so. Consequently, Abby has decided to start practicing and plans to perform a recital on the show in six months.

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