Is it fate or just crazy luck? A man from North Carolina said he was on the way to buy a specific scratch-off lottery ticket at a particular gas station. A low fuel tank forced him to stop at a different gas station and buy a different ticket, but the man is not complaining.

Allen Boger, a car salesman in the city of Denver, was on the way to his favorite store to buy a specific $20 scratch-off ticket. He was about a mile from home when the low fuel indicator light came on in his Chevy Silverado. He turned around to go fill up at a gas station.

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After filling up, Boger went inside to buy the $20 ticket he had been planning to buy at the other store, but to his disappointment, it was sold out. Then he saw a $30 $10,000,000 Colossal Cash ticket and bought it instead. That fateful decision lead Boger to win the $10 million jackpot.

"It took a couple of twists of fate for this to happen," Boger told North Carolina Lottery officials. "I've been lucky my whole life," Boger said. "I'm lucky to win it."

Boger plans to pay off bills and then retire and live off his savings.

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