Losing items like car keys, cell phones, and other daily items we use can send us into an instant panic. When you lose something with this kind of personal value there is no price tag you could put on finding it.

Sioux Falls family could use your help finding something irreplaceable.

From their Facebook post:

**ATTENTION SIOUX FALLS SOUTH SIDERS** I realize this is a total long shot, but I have to try. My father- in- law passed away last week and we had his finger prints done before he went to heaven. Yesterday, we were getting together to write thank yous at my mother- in- law's house and I had them in my bag. The blizzard winds took them out of my bag without us knowing and they blew away. We had found this one stuck in a snow pile hours later but couldn't find the others. They are all red except for one blue one and each in a baggie like this. There was also a white picture sized card with the actual prints stamped on it. They were in a Walmart bag as well. Please, if you know anyone that lives near 85th and Western and they happen to find something like this in their yard now or when the snow melts, let us know. I can't replace these and I'm so sad about it. Thank you :( 

Here is the original Facebook post:

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