Halloween is the season of ghost stories and haunted houses. But if are a risk-taker and are wanting more then a good "BOO!" from a couple pop-up witches and people in costumes chasing you around the neighborhood "haunted house", take some time off of work and plan a road trip around the state of South Dakota.

If you are looking for a serious case of the heebie-jeebies, check out these spine-tingling locations that could quite possibly - haunt your dreams.

Source: Haunted Places In South Dakota

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    Fairmont Hotel

    Located on Main Street in Deadwood, South Dakota, the Fairmont Hotel is just 385 miles west of Sioux Falls. The Fairmont Hotel has one room that was the scene of a violent murder, causing many visitors to tell stories of having objects thrown at them and feeling an "evil presence". Staff and guests have encountered ghostly activity on the third floor of the Fairmont, including the spirit of Maggie Broadcaster pacing the hallway. Other encounters include the spirit of a young boy and the spirit of a man wearing a black coat and top hat sitting at the bar.

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    The Town of McLaughlin

    The town of McLaughlin, South Dakota is located about 333 miles northwest of Sioux Falls. And YES, locals say the entire town of McLaughlin is haunted. There are many stories of haunted buildings throughout the town of McLaughlin, which has a population of under 700 residents, but the most popular ghost story is that of a man that was in a car accident and lost his head. Literally. His head was eventually found in a pond in a cow pasture, but the story is that people can see his ghost roaming, looking for his missing head.

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    Herrick House

    Just an hour and a half north of Sioux Falls, sits the Herrick House in Gary, South Dakota. Boasting 19 rooms of the perfect combination of luxury and contemporary comfort, the Herrick House has also been known to have a few extra "smaller" visitors. Visitors have heard the laughter of a child that used to live in the building when it was a blind school. There have also been reports of people hearing footsteps - when nobody is around.

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    IOOF Cemetery

    Any cemetery can probably be considered "haunted". But the IOOF Cemetery in Gregory, South Dakota, about 160 miles west and a bit south of Sioux Falls, has been known to have one stubborn spirit. Those driving by this cemetery have reported seeing an old man with white hair, wandering through the cemetery as if lost, or maybe looking for someone. When people stop to ask if he needs help, the white-haired man will simply - vanish.

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    Mount Marty College

    Yankton, South Dakota's Mount Marty College, just 80 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, is said to have several ghosts. They include construction workers that mess with the electricity, showers and water fountains, a nun, a music teacher and several other apparitions. Students claim that Whitby Hall was so haunted by the spirit of a man, a figure dressed in white and a young male that hanged himself, that at one time it had to be closed down. There is also a story about a woman that got on an elevator in Corbey, and was never seen again. Many say they encounter very "odd" feelings around the elevators of Mount Marty College.

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    Daneville Inn

    Just 43 miles southwest of Sioux Falls, the Daneville Inn in Viborg, South Dakota has been known to give people a bit of a scare. People have reported seeing a strange glowing apparition, floating through the main bar area when the building closes for the night. There have also been stories of strange noises and footsteps when nobody is around.

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    Northern State University

    Located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, just over 200 miles north and west of Sioux Falls, Northern State University has reports of two buildings that seem to be haunted. Students have reported hearing and seeing the spirit of a little girl running through the halls and visiting rooms of the dorm Jerde Hall. The Johnson Fine Arts Center, was also rumored to be the home of the spirit of a man who whistles a tune from the empty men’s restroom and occasionally jingles keys or messes with the lights. However, now that the Johnson Fine Arts Center is being completely redone, students, staff and visitors will just have to wait to see if that same spirit will continue to play pranks like moving, throwing, or dropping objects as well.

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    Washington Pavilion

    Right in downtown Sioux Falls, the Washington Pavillion is supposedly the home of the ghost of a construction worker that died after falling in an elevator shaft. Witnesses have reported hearing ghostly footsteps and more often than not, having the feeling of being watched.

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    Orpheum Theater Center

    Nicknamed Larry, the angry ghost of the Orpheum Theater Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been known to blow fuses and drop sandbags onto living actors. Several years ago, a technical director heard a noise behind him. He turned to see photo of a bearded man on the ground. He picked it up and displayed it on his light board. Shortly after, the photo disappeared. Many speculate that photo was Larry, who is believed to be the spirit of an angry man who failed to get the part of Romeo, and then took his own life.

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    Old Minnehaha Courthouse Museum

    Now the county museum, the Minnehaha Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is said to be haunted by several spirits. Visitors have said to have seen an elderly man sweeping one of the rooms, and then vanishes when approached. Curtains have been known to move on their own, strange voices and footsteps can be heard and reports have been made of feeling "icy cold" in some areas of the museum.