With the change of summer to fall, harvest season really starts to take off.  But harvest season doesn't always have to mean acres and acres of corn and beans. A family in Tea, South Dakota has taken their own "hobby harvest" and turned it into something that everyone can enjoy.

Close to a decade ago, Roger Heidinger of Tea, South Dakota started growing giant pumpkins to compete in local pumpkin competitions. That led to the idea of growing high quality pumpkins to make the perfect jack-o-lanterns.

Heidinger and his wife Kristi, rent about 6 acres of land from a local farmer.  Most of the land is for pumpkins, but the Heidingers also grow watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn and gourds.

But don't go looking for a big beautiful showroom to purchase the perfect pumpkins.  The Heidingers have transformed their garage, which is attached to their house, into the local neighborhood pumpkin patch and stand, becoming home to over 1,000 pumpkins in various sizes and colors from the traditional orange to cream, blue, white and various shades of green.

For hours, the location and to contact the Heidingers about fall field trips, go to their website:Rogerscountryproduce.com.

Picture/Kristi Heidinger