A new year is the perfect opportunity to identify some of the “most wanted” individuals in the area. Yep...crime does not rest. Not even during the start of a brand new year.

You can never be too cautious when you're out and about even when it's cold outside. Personal safety should truly be a priority. Although it may seem a little silly at times, it's usually best to be alert and to always let someone know where you are going.

We've already covered the fugitives from  South DakotaMinnesota, and Iowa. Now, we round out the Sioux Empire by identifying the fugitives from Nebraska. So why should you care about these fugitives? Some individuals on this list have ties to states like Iowa and South Dakota...

These fugitives were listed on the Douglas Country and the FBI websites.

If you happen to see these fugitives or offenders in your area, the best plan of action is to call the local authorities.

Nebraska Fugitives

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