As a parent it's always fun to drop some seemingly senseless trivia on our kids. It might get an eye roll from the backseat, but I promise they will do the same to their kids.

There are reasons for seasons, and watching the moon had a very significant meaning back in the days before Google.

Some people still watch the moons today as closely as our ancestors did.

Plenty of animal owners explain away crazy pets, and wild kids behavior because of the big pie in the sky.

I stole this knowledge of The Beaver Moon from my much in tuned with nature friend Brian's Facebook Page.

The Beaver Moon was known by trappers to signify the time of year when beavers would intensify their efforts to prepare their dens for the coming winter.

Just know when we are under the same glow tonight, I will be trying to impress, and annoy my kids with the same infinite wisdom you are.

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