With the Kirk Cousins situation looming over the Minnesota Vikings offseason and future plans, it got me to thinking about where Kirk may rank among the most accomplished and best Vikings Quarterbacks of all time. Surely, the veteran has to be in the top five in most fans' eyes, right?

There have been a fair share of duds (Ponder, Bradford, McNabb), and some stars past their prime (Warren Moon, Brett Favre).

Here's an objective look at some of the best to ever suit up as the Viking's signal-caller.

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NFL Hall of Fame Induction
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Who Are the Vikings' Best Quarterbacks?

Fran Tarkenton - You can't tell the story of the Vikings without Fran Tarkenton. The 9-time Pro Bowler, 1 time MVP, and franchise's leading passer was a special one. He had an 18-year career in the league and finished as one of the most prolific passers in the league's history at the time of his retirement. Tarkenton led the Vikings to all of their Super Bowl appearances and posted a 91-73-6 record as Minnesota's starter.

Vikings v Saints X
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Daunte Culpepper - A short career, but a transcendent talent. Culpepper put together some of the best seasons ever for a Viking quarterback. The 3-time Pro Bowler came on quick, starting all 16 games in his second season, and led Minnesota to an 11-5 finish. His best season was his last full 16-game season in the league when he tossed for 39 touchdowns to just 11 interceptions in 2004. Again, he only started 80 games for the Vikings but was a memorable part of the franchise's quarterback history.

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Tommy Kramer - Durability was always a concern, but Kramer had a long career with the Vikings, which included a Pro Bowl appearance as well as Comeback Player of the Year recognition. He posted a 54-56 overall record as a starter with Minnesota and finished his Vikings career with just under 25,000 passing yards.

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Brett Favre/Warren Moon/Randall Cunningham - All three of these guys had short careers in Minnesota, but definitely warrant recognition on this list. Combined, they had some of the best individual statistical seasons in franchise history, as well as some of the biggest moments.

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Kirk Cousins - His stats are top-notch. Unfortunately for Kirk, there are more than a handful of quarterbacks who have been more impressive during his career. 33-29-1 is his record as Minnesota's starter, and he has already tossed for over 16,000 yards in just 4 seasons under center. Additionally, Cousins has done a fantastic job of taking care of the football, throwing just 36 interceptions over 4 years compared to 124 touchdown passes.

There's the list of notable Vikings passers to consider when discussing the best in franchise history. If Cousins stays around, it won't be long before he is considered among the best to ever suit up in Vikings purple.

Source/Stats: Pro Football Reference

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It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when the Minnesota Vikings went to the Super Bowl.

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For a whole lot of Vikings fans...you know, the ones who walk around with younger bones...the Vikings have never been to the Super Bowl.

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