Two brothers share a love for one another while showing the world what dedication is all about. Now, they've caught the eye of Sports Illustrated magazine, which recently named them SportsKids of the Year.

Team Long, formed in 2011, is a team like no other. Conner, 7, has a little brother, Cayden, 5, with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. When an opportunity arose for Conner to run in a local triathlon, he was not doing this alone. He needed his little brother right by his side.

His first hurdle was to convince his mother to let him take Cayden with him. Mom, hesitant at first, cleared it with the triathlon organizers, allowed the two to participate. What happened at that first race was amazing. They showed the world the real meaning of love and family.

I have two sons, ages 8 and 6. It's my prayer that they grow up like the Long brothers. To respect, love, and cherish each other. Cayden and Conner, thank you for showing all of us what it means to be a true hero. Thank you for letting us know it's not okay to give up. Thank you for letting us share your story of inspiration.

It has been such a blessing to be making so many wonderful memories together and watching our boys spread the awareness of love and differences to the world!!! God has a plan for everyone and I really believe he is using Conner and Cayden for an important mission for other families. -  The Long Family


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