Here we go again! People are making it easy for criminals to steal their stuff. More unlocked cars had items stolen from them earlier this week, this time it happened in Madison. Police say a handgun was among the items stolen.

Dakota News Now reports that Madison Police received multiple reports of items being taken from unlocked cars on Monday. Among the 14 vehicles that were hit, three of them sustained damage from vandalism.

There's good news about the handgun, Madison Police were able to recover it on Wednesday via the execution of a search warrant of a residence. Several other items taken from unlocked vehicles were also recovered.

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Madison Police have two suspects in custody that they say is connected to the burglaries.

20-year-old Arianna Crenshaw is facing third-degree burglary, six counts of criminal entry of a motor vehicle, three counts of intentional damage to property, and grand theft charges. She is currently in custody at the Lake County Jail.

18-year-old William East, from Sioux Falls, is facing criminal entry of a motor vehicle, possession of the stolen property, and grand theft of a firearm. He is currently out on bond, Dakota News Now reports.

An ongoing investigation by Madison Police could net more charges for the suspects.

Police say all the vehicles were unlocked. It should go without saying, but the Madison Police Department urges drivers to lock their vehicles when unattended and hide valuables from plain sight.

PLEASE, if you keep a gun in your car, lock the doors or take it with you. Police were lucky to recover the gun this time, but many times a stolen gun ends up being used in a crime. Don't make it easy for a criminal to get your gun!

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