It's been a thing in Europe for about a decade, and now it's coming to America. Lightsaber combat is a real thing and a serious sport. The organization doing this is called LudoSport and they just opened their first US location in California. reports that the this is more than just a cosplay party. There are rules and philosophy behind the sport.

There are seven forms of lights saber combat and ten rules. Much like karate belt colors, light saber athletes must wear the correct uniform for their level of light saber skill. Players are rated on experience, fighting skills, and technical quality (presumably by someone who fancies himself a present-day Obi-Wan Kenobi.) Points are earned by attending classes and meeting up with fellow light saber athletes in the LudoSport network for actual duels. The results must be deposited online after every battle.

Right now classes are only being offered in San Fransisco. But, maybe soon we could get out own light saber combat tournament here in South Dakota.

Source: Chron

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