The Lifelight Festival is this weekend in Worthing. Although it’s just a short drive from Sioux Falls, Alan Greene, founder of Lifelight, says people come from around the world for one of the largest free Christian music festivals in North America, with music on multiple stages.

"It is across all generations [and] pretty much all styles of music," said Greene. "I should mention that we have gone to a ticketing process. It is still free admission, but people need to go to and print tickets for free or choose to donate. And they can do it on their smartphone and get scanned at the gate."

There’s more than music at Lifelight, there’s a BMX and skateboard park, coffee house, art exhibits and exhibition halls with merchandise vendors and ministry booths. Greene says it’s the personal connection that makes it worth all of the work.

"Specially when you see the people's faces, especially moving to us is young people, where the come and they go 'I'm not sure why I came, somebody invited me,' but something happens."

You can find out more about Lifelight on our website.