I don't intend to start a food fight with anyone here, but I really want to talk about school lunches. I am fully aware that this can be as sensitive of a topic as politics and religion for a lot of people.

But I want you to really think this one over. Should our children be served healthy food or a meal that tastes good?

Before you jump to conclusions on how important health foods are, think about how important it is for a growing child to get the proper nutrition.

Serving up a meal that's all about health and has no focus on taste, will result in the food being thrown away instead of eaten. Now tell me how that makes any sense! Throwing food in the garbage and kids heading for recess on an empty stomach is not my choice.

I know for a fact that this is all true. I remember chicken chow mien day at my school. Nine out of ten plates completely went in the garbage and mine was one of them. It was a day of wasting food and starving kids.

On hot dog day, everybody ate every crumb. It was a day of no waste of food and every kid was full of protein.

The throw away dish was probably healthy, but the only ones that ate it were the rats at the dump ground. The focus needs to be on food that tastes good, that kids will eat.

If the meal on the menu is good, we go with the hot lunch. And for the most part this year, the lunches at our school have been good.

If a school were to serve food that's not desirable, I send my third grader to school with a lunch from home. I feel it's of utmost importance that he gets a meal that tastes good.

At home we focus on taste as much or even more than healthy when it comes to our meals. We certainly control junk food and candy and everybody is healthy and strong.

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