Remember when your parents would say 'That's enough chocolate, it's not good for you', as you were just unwrapping that second Hershey bar?

Well, good ol' Mom and Dad may have had it wrong.

Science Daily has an article that might just put a smile on your face. It's entitled 'Cocoa and Chocolate are not just treats--they are good for your cognition'.

Well, so far so good!

According to the article, the cocoa bean is a rich source of something called flavanois. Don't know what in the world that is? Yeah, me neither, but it has neuroprotective effects and that's good for the noggin.

Now apparently eating a chocolate candy bar or two every day won't make you smarter, but it just might improve cognitive awareness, especially in older folks. They're talking about things like attention, processing speed and working memory. And that would be nothing short of fantastic.

Read the entire article here and let's you and I go grab a chocolate covered cherry.

Or two.

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