Here's your 'Did You Know' for the day. Did you know April 6 is National New Beers Eve? Really, it is. I don't make this stuff up.

New Beers Eve commemorates the night before the day - April 7, 1933 - prohibition ended and the sale of beer became legal again in the United States.

While signing the legislation into law, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is quoted as saying, "I think this would be a good time for a beer."

The only stipulation was beer had to have an alcohol content less than 3.2% because it was thought to be, "too low to produce intoxication."

So, on the evening of April 6, people lined up outside breweries and taverns all across the country waiting for midnight to arrive when they could legally purchase beer again.

Since then, the night of April 6 has been celebrated as National New Beers Eve and April 7 as National Beer Day.

So I've got to ask - do you open your beer on New Beers Eve or the morning of National Beer Day?

Sorry - old joke - just couldn't resist.

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