He's really one of the funniest folks you'll ever see.  I have to say, around these parts he'd fit right in!

What we'd really like to do is say, 'register to win dinner with Larry the Cable Guy! (you make something good for dinner, have some beers available and he'll be right over.)

I think we better stick with something more 'radio standard,' like listen to Kickin' Country to win tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy and watch how you could win a pair on-line through our web-site, KIKN.com!

Oh, if you want to buy your tickets (before you can win them) go ahead.  Nobody will mind and you will be 'sure to get yours!'

Oh, Larry will bring his funny stuff to the Sioux Falls Arena Friday, May 10th.  He'll be there sometime between 4 and 8:00 p.m. Keep checking back to KIKN.com. We'll narrow that down so you can make plans soon.

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