The legendary rock band Styx is coming to Sioux City's Tyson Event Center in 2019. This is cool news but the unexpected part their special guest: comedy legend Larry the Cable Guy.

It's a night full of rocks hits - and laughs - as the two acts get together on March 28.

But it's how the two met that's the most unusual. According to frontman Tommy Shaw, the band was in a convenience store in Sarasota, Florida many moons ago when they ran into Larry. They are both fans of each others work.

Now we are pairing up for a fun night of music and comedy, something we could all use a big dose of! I’m ready! Are you? Let’s do this!!!” - Tommy Shaw.

Larry has a different memory of the meeting. He says although Styx music has been the soundtrack to his life, he's still trying to get the $28 back he loaned them for honeybuns and coffee from that chance meeting in Florida.

Tickets start at just $39.50 + fees and are on sale now at the Tyson Events Center Box Office and OrpheumLive.

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