I'm a Braves fan and I couldn't believe our big off season pitching acquisition was Bartolo Colon.

Now don't get me wrong, ten years ago I would of been OK snagging up Bartolo in free agency and adding him to the staff but at the age of 43 when they signed him, it just didn't make sense to me.

The now 44 year old will get a chance at staying in the majors as he starts for the first time as a Minnesota Twin today.

I get the move by the Twins way more than I did for the Braves.  The Braves are still in rebuild mode while the Twins are truly in a division and wild card race.

Prior to the season Minnesota probably to a man wouldn't of thought this would be the way the season would go but since it has, no harm in signing Colon to a deal that only has upside for them if he can log some quality innings between now and the postseason.

Plus he isn't going to be holding back a staff that is solely looking toward the future as Atlanta was and is.

Furthermore, you know you can pair up some good items from the concession stands to promote on days Bartolo is starting as we all know it's a great marketing strategy along side a guy who clearly doesn't miss any meals.

The Twins host the Yankees tonight on FSN and locally on AM 1140 KSOO with a 7:10pm first pitch.

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