You may not be aware of this but every July 18 is National 'Perfect Family Day.' But my question to you is, "Is there such a thing as a perfect family?" I say, "Yes" and "No."

On a personal basis, I like to believe I have the perfect family. However, if you were to ask someone else about my family, chances are they would say we're far from it.

Is a single parent raising a child (or multiple children) a perfect family? How about a blended family? What makes a "perfect" family?

How's that old saying go - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every family is different. What you may perceive as perfect may be the complete opposite to someone else.

My belief is, as long as there's love and respect for one another, every family is perfect (in their own unique way).

Show me a family who claims to have no troubles and I'll show you a bunch of liars. Every family has its ups and downs.

Not every family lives in a house in the suburbs surrounded by a white picket fence. It doesn't matter where you're at or where you're from - family is what truly matters.

So the point to all this is, the next time you notice a single parent family or a blended family, don't wonder to yourself what their story is or feel sorry for them.

To them they're the way they're suppose to be - the perfect family!

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