A fan named Hannah said it best on a YouTube Post; Sad, happy, drunk, lonely, whatever the hell you are... Koe has an anthem for it.

There is a 'bit of a buzz going on for this one.' OK, that bit of a buzz is a bit of an understatement. Red Dirt-Texas Country 'Star' Koe Wetzel is set to play Rapid City, South Dakota Friday, February 5, 2021.

The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo presents Koe Wetzel at the James Kjerstad Event Center on the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City, South Dakota. Coincidently, the name of Wetzel's new album is 'Sellout.' Guess what, the show is 'SOLD OUT.'

If you listen to Radio Texas Live Saturday Nights on Kickin' 100.5 you are already familiar with Wetzel and his music. I remember talking on the phone with Buddy Logan [Host of Radio Texas Live which you can hear Saturday nights  7:00 PM to Midnight on Kickin' 100.5] I had asked Buddy, who are the hot names in Texas and Red Dirt and Texas Country that are about to explode. He mentioned Parker McCollum, who has already had a mainstream #1 with Pretty Heart and Koe Wetzel. Logan told me that day, these two stars in the making are about to take the reigns of Red Dirt music and RUN!

I've been a fan of Koe Wetzels for quite a while now. There is nothing Big City about him. When I see Wetzel, I see a guy that could live next door that you could swing by, drink a beer and hang out with. He looks 'every day,' then he grabs that guitar, and a whole level of WOW comes out. I've never seen him in a 'live setting,' but judging from some of his videos if you go to the show, you're going to a party!

I know Wetzel has a new album out, 'Sellout' but the song of his that got my attention and gave me the vibe I write about was in the song, 'Something to Talk About.'

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the show, it looks like you are in for a great time. Koe Wetzel in Rapid City, South Dakota Friday, February 5th [7:00 PM]

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