If you have driven southbound on Kiwanis Avenue anytime in the last several days, you may have seen the electronic sign in the O'Gorman High School parking lot. It says the Kiawias Avenue rehabilitation project will be expanding between 33rd and 41st beginning June 11, 2021.

It appears the city is starting that a little early, or at least they are closing lanes down ahead of time. On June 9, crews were out closing the southbound lanes and center turn lane, leaving only the northbound lanes for two-way through traffic. This will create further congestion on the popular north-south road. Prepare for delays during the day, especially during drive times.

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According to the city's website, the 33rd to 41st phase of the project wasn't supposed to happen until late June or early July.

Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood

Phase one of the project between 12th Street and 26th Street is moving along nicely according to the city. Concrete repairs in the southbound lanes of Kiwanis between 12th Street and 26th Street are complete. Restoration work has moved to the northbound lanes. The city says that driving on the newly repaired southbound lanes will feel be rough until the entire roadway surface is diamond ground in July.

Like every construction project that curtails traffic on a busy route through the city, it can be frustrating to navigate, especially when you have places to go. Kiwanis Avenue was in desperate need of repair. Driving over those expansion joints was like driving your vehicle over a set of railroad tracks, over and over and over down the road. The end result will be a much smoother, and quieter driving experience.

The city says the entire Kiwanis Avenue project should take about 70 working days and end before November 3, 2021.

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