Kip Moore's newest radio single doesn't play it safe. "The Bull" is his third from Slowheart, but it's the first to get to the heart of his third studio album.

Jon Randall and Luke Dick wrote this song, but it takes the real-life chip on the singer's shoulder to make the record memorable. He's a guy driven to prove skeptics wrong, and on "The Bull" he sings about it while throwing some oh-so-subtle shade at anyone who takes the vanilla road more traveled.

The beauty of "The Bull" is it doesn't finish cynically. If anything, the acoustic country-rocker is an inspiring explanation of why it's important to live in the moment and use perceived obstacles as opportunities. He literally thanks half a dozen people in the song and generally sounds pretty hopeful about what's to come. Like Moore, the song is complicated. Give both a chance and you'll be rewarded.

Did You Know?: "Guitar Man" is a second autobiographical song from Moore's Slowheart album. The five-minute ballad follows a traveling musician. It's comparable to "Piano Man."

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Kip Moore's "The Bull" Lyrics:

Who knows / I might wind up on the cover of a Rolling Stone / With a pair of shades and a Grammy in my hand / Just a blue jean boy in a great big world of yes / I got my speech already in my head / Then I'll say, then I'll say, yeah I'll say.

Thank you uncle Dean for teaching me La Bamba on guitar / Thank you girl from Broken Bow who shot an arrow through my heart / Thank you mama for the roll and thank you daddy for the rock / Most of all, most of all / Thanks to the bulls that bucked me off, woo.

Aw hell what if / I turn the rhymes up in my mind into a hit / Then it played a hundred times a day on the radio / Then it gave a little broken heart somewhere some hope / And I'd jump up on the stage and the chorus would go / Da da da, da da da, da da da.

Every knock down in the dirt / Every no I ever heard / Sure feel good to laugh when I look back and flip the bull the bird / Every nail that ripped my shirt / Every no I ever heard / Sure feel good to laugh when I look back and flip the bull the bird / Then I'll say, then I'll say, then I'll say.

Thank you Lynchburg for the nights I needed edges took away / Thank you vinyl for the soundtrack to my life it's sure been great.

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