Capt. Josh Phillips with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office gave information in a press briefing Friday on a case that they had been working on since May 13, 2020.

An individual residing in the 6400 block of North 10th Ave. Sioux Falls reported that his mother and stepfather, Lance Long, and Chrystal Long had allegedly been giving several children in the household meth and marijuana and then shocking them with a hotshot cattle prod to get the children to obey their commands.

Several reviews were done throughout the case and it was determined that three different cattle prods were used to shock four different kids. All four kids at one time or another had used methamphetamine and marijuana that was given to them by the stepfather.

The children that lived at the residence said that the cattle prods had been used on them numerous times of the course of 3 to 4 years.

Crystal and Lance Long fled to Oklahoma. They subsequently waived extradition and were brought back to Sioux Falls yesterday and will appear in court today.

Dakota News Now
Dakota News Now

They are currently facing 14 counts against the parents including 3 counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, 4 counts of distribution of marijuana to a minor, 3 counts of distributing a controlled substance to a minor, and 4 counts of abuse and cruelty to a minor. All are felony counts.

The kids are now with other caregivers and reportedly doing well.

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