If you were looking for a fun, unique kids' bedroom set or an adorable crib for your baby's room, you knew you only needed to go to one store.

Kids 2 College Furniture opened in November 2010 and began selling bedroom sets and accessories for kids' rooms. They've outgrown their space at 7218 West 41st Street and are moving to a bigger location - the former Hancock Fabrics store in the Western Mall.

Scott Cavanaugh (Used with permission)

The new store will be almost double the size of their current location which will allow them to expand their selection of accessories and children's decor.

A popular choice in kids' furniture is lofts and space saving furniture and the new store will offer a larger selection.

According to owner, Traci Cavanaugh, the new store should be open in October. The original location will remain open through the end of the year with overflow and scratch and dents and will have limited hours.

The store on West 41st Street is currently have a moving sale and offering big discounts on floor models.

Scott Cavanaugh (Used with permission)

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