What makes this new place different from every other Sioux Falls Eatery?

If your living situation doesn't allow for a furry companion and cats are your favorites, you are so in luck!

According to my little birdie at Pigeon605, a Sioux Falls first will be opening in the newly renovated Johnson Building, located at 11th Street and Second Avenue.

The Cattitude Cafe is a place where cat lovers can order a cafe au lait and cuddle with a cute kitty at the same time.

While it will offer a humans-only eating area, for a small fee customers can take their drinks into a separate room where cats will be waiting to be caressed and to entertain — when the mood suits them, of course.

The cats will be available for adoption. Giving people access to cats and cats access to people benefits both. Some renters are not permitted to have pets, while others love cats but live with people who are allergic to them. - -Owner & CEO of Cattitude Cafe, Heather Wendlandt

Wendlandt visited her first cat cafe in Minneapolis and as a cat lover herself, she fell in love with the idea of introducing one to Sioux Falls.

Heather got her first cat when she was four years old and currently has three of them herself.

Considering the number of cats at the Humane Society waiting for forever homes, I think this is a fantastic idea for Sioux Falls, and so does Kori Baade, executive director of the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. As for me - I plan on visiting, the moment they open the doors!

And again, there is no worry about food and cats sharing the same space because the areas are completely separate due to health regulations.

It also will offer cold sandwiches, snacks and charcuterie boards...the usual coffees, lattes and espressos and also beer and wine. Remedy Brewing Co. likely will make a beer especially for the cafe. Wendlandt is considering names such as Catalicious for it. - Jodi Schwan--Pigeon605 & Sioux Falls Business

The Cattitude Cafe is hoping to open later this year or early in 2023.

The only problem I see with a cat cafe is falling in love with all the cats! Meow baby! Meow!

If you want to get the latest news about Sioux Falls businesses, and anything else going on in town, you should get your own pigeon at Pigeon 605.

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