It's another Kickin' Country Weekend, which means we have an opportunity for you to win just by listening 5 minutes this weekend to KIKN 100.5. This weekend we'll give you the opportunity to win two tickets to see Casey Donahew at The District in Sioux Falls and meet Casey Donahew.

Over the past 3 years, we have brought you a show called Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan. The show plays from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM Saturday nights. The show features Red Dirt and Texas Country. That music is very popular in the southern tier of states, but it's authenticity and just being downright relatable make it very popular here in South Dakota as well. Buddy Logan does a great job with the show by playing the music and interviewing the artists!

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Here's how The Kickin' Country Weekend works. Just listen to Kickin' 100.5 this weekend. At 5 past the hour [approximately] we'll give you The Kickin' Country Weekend Password. Write that word down, because, on Monday morning, you'll want to remember it. At 10:05 AM Monday morning be listening to Kickin' 100.5 I'll tell you when to call. If you are the 10th Caller, you'll pick up two tickets to the show and you and your friend get to meet Casey Donahew. It's that easy!

So this weekend, while you're out with friends, or just hanging around the place, tune in to KIKN 100.5 for a few minutes around the top of the hour. We'll give you the password and you'll be ready to win! It's another Kickin' Country Weekend, with Kickin' 100.5!

By the way, if you want to make sure you get your tickets to the show you can order them online, right here!

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