It's a lot of fun working for a radio station. But it's even 'more fun' when you have awesome prizes to offer to your listeners!  We, get the best of both worlds at Kickin' Country!

Jason Nedved of Mitchell, SD picked up $1000 Friday (2.28.14)  morning with the Kickin' Secret Sound!  That's a lot of honeymoon money! (the sound was 'tongs' clicking together!)

Over the years, one of the most talked about radio promotions in Sioux Falls has been the Kickin' Secret Sound. Friday morning (February 28, 2014) Tammy and Beth gave away $1000!  ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. THAT'S A LOT OF PESO'S!

Most of the time, we simply give away cash. For most people, that's what they want!

As of late, we've been mixing in some other great prizes too. For instance, congratulations to Orrin from Hartford, SD. Orrin won our trip for two to Mexico!

Every weekday morning Dan and Tammy, The Big Breakfast will tell you when to call in for an easier SECRET SOUND. You'll be able to win tickets to see Jake Owen in Brookings March 20th. They will THEN tell you the next time to be listening for 'your' chance to win tickets to see Jake!  Listen and win with Kickin' Country!