Imagine you're taking a peaceful drive in the country and you see an abandoned farmhouse in a valley and feel the need to get out of the car to take photos of it. So, you walk around the property and begin to take photos of the beautifully eerie and spooky structure. Then, you get back in your car to continue your relaxing and scenic drive through the countryside of Kentucky.

But, once you get home and take a look at the photos and you clearly see a shadow of a ghost-like figure in one of the farmhouse windows.

That is exactly what happened to my friend.

Ghost figure standing in Kentucky farmhouse window

RM thought the abandoned house and barn looked really cool. So, of course, she wanted to take some pics. Like me, she loves everything abandoned.

But, she didn't expect to capture the image that she saw in her photos.

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Do You See A Ghost In The Window of This Abandoned House?

RM even went back to the place she took the photos to see if the figure was still standing in the window, and it was gone.

She showed someone else her photos taken at the abandoned Kentucky farmhouse and he said he's heard stories about that particular house being haunted. Although he thought that the photos were an amazing capture, they didn't surprise him a bit.

I don't know about you, but I just got a chill.

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