Even though Wednesday, February 25, 2015 was the last day for KDLT Morning News Anchor Laura Monteverdi, she was able to finish her 'Life with Laura' series with someone near and dear to my heart.  My husband!

From the sandy beaches of Florida, to the windy plains of South Dakota, Laura Monteverdi has had the opportunity to try so many new things during her time at KDLT.  Laura traded in her heels for some work boots for her final segment of 'Life with Laura'.

On her last day in the Midwest, Laura tried her hand at something she has wanted to do since she moved here.  In her final 'Life with Laura', she gets some hands-on experience working with my husband, Steve, at Turner County Dairy near Parker, South Dakota.

Because as the manager of the dairy near Parker, he knows a thing or two about working with dairy cows.

Laura said that milking, cleaning and taking care of the 1,600 cows on the farm are just part of everyday life for the guys that put in a full day, but she says for people like herself, a day on the dairy farm is anything but ordinary.

While milking cows may not be the perfect career for Laura, she found out that the work is tough and the days are long, but seeing the results of that hard work is what makes the job worthwhile.

Read more about Laura Monteverdi's trip to the Turner County Dairy and spending time with my number one dairy farmer by following this link.

Laura Monteverdi via Youtube