Ahtra Elnashar was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Minnesota.

Ahtra made the move to Sioux Falls SD, and is teaming up with Sara Blakely on KDLT TV.

Make sure you welcome her to KIKN Country. I asked Ahtra these 5 questions to get to know her better:

5. Who was the last person you deleted from Facebook and why?

A guy who kept asking me out, because he kept asking me out.

4. What song do you sing out-loud with in your car?

Bee Gees Stayin' Alive

3. What one emotion would you like to go without having to feel for the rest of your life?


2. Put together an elite Pictionary team of people who have passed away.

Mr. Rogers, Michael Jackson, 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown

1. Give your 18 year-old self advice:

-dump the guy

-don't wear yoga pants all the time

-learn how to do your eyebrows

-calm down, everything is going to work out


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