Kalie Shorr's older sister, Ashley Coffman, has died following a battle with addiction. The "Fight Like a Girl" singer shared the news with fans on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, including details in an effort to let others who might be fighting something similar know they're not alone.

Coffman died after overdosing on heroin, Shorr says. The 37-year-old leaves behind two kids, ages four and nine. She'd been battling addiction for a decade.

"It’s so hard when you love someone and they are battling addiction because they lose so much of themselves in the process, but I am so thankful for the last conversation I had with her," she says. "I really got to tell her how much I loved her and the last words she ever said to me were 'I am so proud of you'  I’ll never forget that and that’s how I will always remember her."

The caption appears alongside video of Shorr singing Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon." That was Ashley's middle name — she was named after the song, "which is based on the old Welsh story of a beautiful goddess named Rhiannon who was captivating, beautiful, and magical. Ashley made friends faster than anyone I’ve ever met and could find something in common with you in five seconds flat."

Hundreds responded to her news with sympathy or stories of their own losses. The conversation has helped, Shorr says.

"I am grieving but I don't feel alone," she tweeted on Sunday night (Jan. 6). She's shared information for the National Drug Helpline in several messages to fans. That phone number is 1-888-633-3239.

While best known for her song "Fight Like a Girl" and work with the all-female singer/songwriter collective Song Suffragettes Shorr has released several EPs over the last three years, most recently Awake. In 2017 she was named a Taste of Country RISER and talked candidly about difficult times, including a house fire and parents' divorce. Professionally she made her Grand Ole Opry debut in 2018 and has indicated she's currently working on new music.

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