Kalie Shorr is a "chica cherry cola" away from recreating a great '90s pop song, and one gets the sense she's not mad about it. The relentlessly sweet "Candy" is a sneaky-hot, pop-country song that you may not be able to stop sipping.

Pay attention to Shorr's lyrics if you can. The singer and 2017 Taste of Country RISER spits her come-ons rapid fire — if you're older than 25, you surely thought of Savage Garden's "I Want You," right? — mixing clever rhymes with been-there country themes from just about everyone's college or high school days. "Candy" is what a great, care-free country song sounds like. It's a tightly-packaged, smart pop lyric that's not overly ambitious, just addictive.

Did You Know?: Shorr is a big fan of '90s pop and rock. In fact, she frequently covers TLC and was once the lead singer of a Nirvana cover band.

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Kalie Shorr, "Candy" Lyrics:

Chasing you down like an ice cream truck / Every damn time that my phone lights up / I be salivating at the sound of what's up / Yeah what's up / I rationalize a drive by your house / Not on my way, but I guess it is now / I want another taste and I don't care how / No, I don't care how.

I know you're not forever / But you're my guilty pleasure.

You mess me up with that sugar rush / Got me addicted / Melt in my mouth / You disappear and make me miss it / Mama said you were bad for me / But I didn't listen / Boy you're delicious / Too bad you ain't nutritious / When you say my name, it's like candy / When you kiss my lips, it's like candy / You're no good for me, you're like candy / You're like candy.

No, I'm not proud of my bad behavior / I guess I can't help my human nature / High on that sugar coated danger / But I like the flavor / Like a Sonic cherry lemonade / Like a straw dipping in that Coca-Cola concentrate / Savor every minute till the sweetness fades.

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