On Monday evening owner of Josiah’s Coffeehouse, Steve Hildebrand posted that their coffeehouse, Cafe, & Bakery has been sold. The very popular downtown Sioux Falls business will be taken over on January 1, 2020, by Kibbi McCormick and Tom Pepper.

Hildebrand went on to explain the following on the business's Facebook page.

"This is a hard post to write. Mike and I just got home from meeting with our team at Josiah’s and we are experiencing a wide range of emotions.

We let our great staff know – and now we are sharing the news with you.

With Mike approaching full retirement age and my desire to spend more time on our foundation to help kids in the Sioux Falls schools with the highest rates of poverty, we have made the hard decision to sell Josiah’s.

Effective January 1, 2020, Kibbi McCormick and Tom Pepper will be the new proprietors. We are excited about this team – and they are ready to step in and take ownership with the same commitment to great food, great coffee, and great service. Kibbi tells us not to expect any major changes, that she loves what we’ve created and she knows our guests love it too.

Along with our dedicated staff, we’ve worked hard for the last seven and a half years. We emphasized quality and we’ve worked to create a sense of community. Mike and I are very proud of what we’ve built and the impact we’ve had.

Over seven and a half years, we’ve seen it all at Josiah’s – first dates, engagements, weddings, business deals, family gatherings, deep discussions amongst friends. We’ve watched pregnancies develop into infants and watched so many kids grow up. We’ve listened and learned from you and we’ve enjoyed so many great stories that you shared with us.

When we think of all the wonderful people who have walked through our doors and the friendships we have made – that’s when emotions run high. When customers become friends, it’s hard to let go. We hope to see you often, from time-to-time in Josiah’s and all around town. And, we certainly hope you will continue to patronize Josiah’s just as much as you always have.

As big dog lovers, we will also miss seeing our canine regulars. Duke, Freddie, Cosmo, Spirit, Ginger, Cooper and so many beautiful and loving dogs that get just as excited to see us as we do them.

We have asked a lot from you over 7 years – to support causes that make a difference – and you’ve responded with kindness and generosity. It’s what community is all about.

We are lucky and blessed to have built a community gathering place and to have played a role in the resurgence of our great downtown. We love Josiah’s and the chance we’ve had to serve you and serve our community."

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