For the past 3 years, I've been writing down my 10 favorite songs of the year. Usually, it's my top ten COUNTRY songs. This year I have a couple of others that sprinkle in so bear with me. I realize that opinions are like belly buttons and butt holes so keep that in mind when you read this. After you read, make sure you comment and leave me your favorite song/songs.

10.  The most recent number one song, this week, in fact, is from Dustin Lynch. Ridin' Roads is so well done and produced I had to include it on my list. Any song that can 'take me away' to another place and time in my mind any time will make the list for sure. Well done Dustin Lynch. Well done!

9. This one is off the path a bit. But my passion for Red Dirt and Texas Country brought me to Cody Jinks and a song that I love. If you've never heard 'David' by Cody Jinks you owe it to yourself to 'take the musical journey' at least one time. Listen to it in earbuds. With the lights off. You won't be disappointed.

8. This Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber collaboration is one of a kind. It's a great lyric and whoever produced the song is genius.

7. When I hear the first few notes of Runaway June and Buy My Own Drinks, my right hand instinctively reaches for the volume to turn it up a bit. Clever and country cool for sure.

6. Again, I'll take you off-road a bit. But the collaboration with Luke Combs and Brooks and Dunn of Brand New Man may be responsible for the speakers in the KIKN control room sounding a little rough. Amazingly sung and perfectly produced.

5. This guy Justin Moore is one of my favorite Country Singers of all time. The Ones Who Didn't Make It Back Home is easy to put in 2019's top 10. I love the song.

4. I'm a sucker for production. I'm also a sucker for a guy that can construct a three-chord song and add technical to it. Michael Tenpenny and Drunk Me was Crazy Good. I loved the song!

3. Is Scotty McCreery the best singer in Country Music today? You could argue him, or Luke Combs. Scotty has a song that's been hanging around all summer, all spring and all fall and it's finally getting a look. In Between is awesomesauce and it's high on my list.

2. Major curveball. But the commercial on TV has me craving Magic. Ozempic? Heck, I don't even know the reason people take it but the commercial had me flashing back to simpler times.

1. Country music has been all in a tizzy about not playing females on the radio. I say, make a great song and it will get played. Ingrid Andress, you get the nod as my favorite song of 2019. Afternoon Guy Chuck Wood and I were talking about the song the other day. I told him, I think it's the best song in Country Music since Clint Black and Wynonna's A Bad Goodbye. The lyric makes you bawl good. The story and pictures she paints in the song are simple, genius.

There it is. My favorite songs of 2019. I don't mean to stir things up. It's just a list of songs from the past year I really like. How about you? Got a favorite?

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