Jason Aldean is dedicating his new song, “Your Mama,” to his 4-year-old son, Memphis Aldean Williams.

Written by Ben West, Josh Miller, Troy Verges and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, Aldean revealed to Billboard that he almost didn’t record the track because it was “so outta left field for me."

The heartwarming tune opens with a description of the admirable qualities of Memphis’ mother and Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean.

“Your mama / Came from Carolina / Settled down this boy from Georgia / And boy, she sure is gorgeous, ain't she son? / Your mama / Got the patience of an angel / Quick to love and slow to anger / Yeah we both ought to thank her, we're the lucky ones,” goes the acoustic guitar-driven first verse.

Aldean encourages Memphis to always remember his mom's selfless sacrifices for him, even when he's all grown up.

“The one that brought you in the world, you'll always be her baby / The one that makes it all ok when everything goes crazy / You gonna be a wide-eyed, wild child ridin' fast and high like me / Life's gonna fly by, I hope that you realize / Just how blessed we are that she's / Your mama,” he sings on the chorus.

“I really just wanted to record it for my son. It’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever done on a record,” Aldean admits. “I’ve had this song for a few years and kept going back and forth on whether to record it. But with this double album, it was the perfect time to put it out there.”

“You Mama” appears on Georgia, the second half of Aldean’s extensive new album, Macon, Georgia. Macon arrived in November 2021 and featured “If I Didn’t Love You,” Aldean’s hit duet with Carrie Underwood.

Prior to Georgia’s release on Friday (April 22), the country hitmaker gave fans an early peek with several album tracks, including "The State I’m In," "God Made Airplanes," "Whiskey Me Away," “Rock and Roll Cowboy,” “My Weakness” and the current single, "Trouble With a Heartbreak."

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