Jason Aldean has a big announcement to deliver on Thursday (Jan. 9), and instead of simply revealing his major surprise, he's dropping clues left and right!

The singer is certainly teasing fans with his game -- they're not easy to unravel. Each clue has come in the form of a photo, with the cryptic unveiling beginning on Jan. 3.

The first clue was a red matchbox, slightly opened to reveal the matchsticks, and then a pirate flag. The third clue shows raging fire, which was followed by Screech from 'Saved by the Bell' and a photo of a bonfire on the beach at night.

Fans' guesses are all over the place, ranging from a collaboration with Keith Urban to a tour with Kenny Chesney, and even marriage speculations. We do know that Aldean is gearing up for an upcoming album, so that possibility is also on the horizon.

Whatever Aldean's announcement may be, it's got the genre buzzing!

Jason Aldean's Big Announcement Clues: