If you drive by Fawick Park and the Statue of David is doing a face-palm, this might be why.

Google released their year in search for 2014. I went to the Google Trends site to see what we folks in Sioux Falls are plugging into Google. The results make me sad in some cases. Mostly because I can't believe people haven't figured out how to use the Internet.

Here are the top 10 search queries, or terms, just for Sioux Falls:

  1. Sioux Falls
  2. facebook
  3. south dakota
  4. you
  5. sioux falls sd
  6. lyrics
  7. youtube
  8. google
  9. games
  10. weather

Did you notice #8? It was "google." The ninth most popular search in Sioux Falls on the search engine Google was "google."

Does that mean people went to Google to find Google? Or maybe they typed Google into their browser and their default search engine was Google, so it Googled Google on Google.

At first this made my brain hurt. But then Tasha and some of our listeners pointed out that maybe the "google" term was due to people searching for other Google products like Google Drive, Google Earth, or whatever.

I switched cities to Rapid City and Google was the #7 search term. Then I switched to Minneapolis-St. Paul and it was #3. Hopefully this is the case.

If it isn't, we're doomed.