What do you mean there are no sexy women in your house? I would duck if I were you.

They may not cook, clean, do your laundry, or walk the dog but Alexa and Siri can offer a wide selection of ideas in addition to entertaining you. Sort of.

Yes, I have two women in my house. The other woman is named Alexa. She came into our lives a few years ago and has been very entertaining. Primarily for music.

Not only can she find a gazillion different songs but she will also settle an argument. My wife and I are not keeping score, however, we give the nod to Alexa for being right most of the time.

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You may have Alexa's sister of another mother. Siri may share space in your home and be a constant companion fulfilling several different functions like turning the lights on and off. Adding items to your shopping list, or scheduling an appointment.

Smart enough to do just about anything these days, we really have to give them more credit.

Here's an idea. Have you ever thought about changing the voice of your smart speaker? Go ahead and give it try.

Change Alexa voice

Change Siri voice

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