North Dakota is known for having a lot of great hangout spots.

We love to go out and grab a drink, grab a beer with our friends and family members. We especially love doing this if it’s that time of year to cheer on our favorite teams. ranked the best sports bars in the United States. They looked at each state to find the best one.

You might be surprised to learn, which one was ranked as the best sports bar in all of North Dakota.

How It Was Calculated

They calculated this, by looking at Google reviews, the prices of their burgers and the prices of their beer. 

This is how they determined which sports bar was the best in each state, but they also found the top 20 sports bars in the entire country.

You might be surprised to learn that a North Dakota sports bar ranked at number 14 overall.

Top Sports Bar In North Dakota

According to the source, the top sports bar in North Dakota can be found in Grand Forks.

You may have heard of it. You may have even been there a time or two.

If not, you definitely should because it’s getting rave reviews.

Google Maps
Google Maps


The Hub Pub in Grand Forks is ranked as the TOP sports bar in North Dakota. It also was ranked at number 14, for the the top sports bars in the United States.

The average hamburger price at the Hub Pub is $12. The average beer price is three dollars. The average review score is 4.60, making it a premium choice for North Dakota sports and beer fans.

Keep in mind, this is only according to one source. We all have our favorite sports bars.

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