Sometimes the best segments on The Bobby Bones Show are the most off the cuff, this morning was no exception on The Bobby Bones Show on The New 99-1 AND 100.5 and on your Kickin' Country App!

Lunchbox shared that he owes an apology to his five-year-old son because last week he had a fever for a few days and was sick. The fever went away but he was still complaining he didn’t feel well, but Lunchbox didn’t believe he was sick anymore. He continued to complain so he took him to the doctor, and it turned out he had pneumonia. Lunchbox immediately apologized to his son, so the rest of the show members shared who they currently owe an apology to:

  • Eddie – He apologized to Lunchbox. He recalled when he caught Lunchbox stealing someone else’s mail, so Eddie thought about paying it back and stealing one of his packages. He held it under his desk for months but then someone cleared their area and it’s gone, and he has no idea where it went. Lunchbox did not accept the apology.
  • Amy – She also apologized to Lunchbox. She was approached about doing an event and they wanted her to ask Lunchbox to host it with her. She forgot to ask him and now she’s not sure if he’s available to do it. It’s a paid gig and she’s hoping they can still figure it out for him to go to the event with her.
  • Bobby Bones – He apologized to the FedEx guy because every time he comes to his house, he needs to unpack 30 boxes of Bones sports memorabilia. He also apologized to his wife because there are so many stacked boxes and memorabilia all over their house.
  • Morgan – She apologized to her soon to be brother-in-law. She organized her sister’s bridal shower over the weekend, and she planed the Newlywed game. He was supposed to be on the TV answering questions in a pre-recorded video, and her sister would answer them in person. The video of him wasn’t working so Morgan FaceTimed him and he didn’t realize he was going to be in front of everyone there and was in his boxers.
  • Raymundo – He apologized to the building owners. He threw some bigger boxes in the dumpster at work, and they got mad he did and since they had his name on them, they threw them on the doorsteps. He apologized for illegal dumping.

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