Who knew that so much beauty was just on the other side?! Once you cross the bridge over the Missouri River in Chamberlain, you almost have to question if it's still South Dakota.  But, it is!  You automatically breathe a sigh of relief and allow nature to overcome any stress you may be experiencing. It's comforting and warm like a friendly "hello."

It was an amazing weekend getaway back out west exploring the Black Hills with my fiancé. This was his first time in the West River area in about ten years. So we traveled to different parks and towns throughout the area, including meeting new furry faces along the way at Custer State Park.

Custer State Park is the largest and first state park in South Dakota. There's literally something for everyone to enjoy: Camping, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, or just relaxing. The park is also home to many wildlife. We were very lucky to see magnificent animals roam the hills and valleys of Custer State Park. They were enjoying the crisp fall weather and all the beauty South Dakota has to offer.

Take a look at the gorgeous creatures who call South Dakota and Custer State Park home. They're so peaceful.

South Dakota Wildlife at Custer State Park

We found the friendly burros of Custer State Park! Although the burros are not native to the Black Hills, they enjoy seeing the visitors. At one point, burros did haul visitors to the top of Black Elk Peak. The rides are discontinued and the burros now roam the park.

This burro had a little scratch that needed to be taken care of. Our car was the perfect back scratcher.

South Dakota Wildlife at Custer State Park

This buffalo was in the corral getting examined and tested. Needless to say, this buffalo had enough by the time the veterinarians were finished.

You can't go through Custer State Park without hearing the prairie dogs. They are normally found in dry, upland prairies in large groups called "towns." They truly sound like cute little dogs.

South Dakota Wildlife at Custer State Park

Mountain goats can be found around Mount Rushmore, Black Elk Peak, Needles, and hidden areas of the Black Hills. Their horns are also pretty sharp!

South Dakota Wildlife at Custer State Park

This bison was just beautiful. He was so calm. We kept a safe distance and we just enjoyed the view.

We can't wait for our next visit to Custer State Park soon!

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